When Exercise Doesn’t Make You Feel Better


Jul 30

Exercising is hard, but thanks to it, your energy levels increase, and you even feel stronger. However, there are moments when, despite putting in a tremendous amount of work and dedication, you are obtaining zero gains. This can be incredibly frustrating, and it is at this point that “gym rats” give in.

So what might be the reason exercise is not working for you? In this article, we will take you through four main reasons why you are not attaining any progress despite your concerted efforts.

You either are eating too little or too much

The foods you eat either fuel your workouts or counteract it completely. This is especially the case since most individuals tend to be at extreme ends when it comes to their eating habits. If you eat too little, your body becomes deprived of essential carbohydrates and calories needed during exercise. Consequently, this makes you feel lethargic, causes the breakdown of your muscles, plus slows down the metabolism.

Man running

Likewise, overeating causes you to absorb more calories than you are burning during your workouts. Therefore, read this article and understand the importance of checking your diet as well as understand the primary role of food is to fuel your body in and out of the gym.

You are stressed out

Exercise typically causes your body stress, but just the right amount of it to result in a change while not causing you excess inflammation, burnout or injury. Nevertheless, other things outside of the gym like work drama, a bad breakup, financial troubles, poor sleep, and processed foods can prompt your body to have a stress response.

Eventually, these life stressors and exercises might become too much, thereby causing the breakdown of your body instead of getting stronger after each exercise routine.

To address this issue, you need to cut down on your stress levels, by either cutting down on your workouts or work schedule plus being serious about the management of your stress levels.

Lack of intensity

The amount of effort you put into a workout session determines whether or not you will successfully achieve your exercise goals. So how do you tell your exercise routines are of adequate intensity?


For a start, sweat is a good indicator of how strenuous your workout session has been. Whereas individuals sweat differently, seeing your brow drip with sweat is a good indicator that you have exercised hard enough. Sweat usually is produced when your body overheats, which only happens when your body is working. So if you don’t sweat after a workout session, you are not putting enough effort.

Heavy breathing too is an excellent indicator that your workout session is productive. Therefore, if this rarely happens to you, then you are exercising hard enough.

Your exercise routine is stale

It is important to always switch up your workout routine after doing it for several weeks. This is because your body gets used to it and does not strain to perform. Failing to increase your exercise routine intensity and incorporate different styles in your workout prevents you from losing weight.

Therefore, to attain any changes in your physique, you need to incorporate several workout routines in your exercise session. Additionally, increasing the intensity of your workouts as time progresses will significantly help with your progress.