What Should You Not Do Before Running


Oct 07

Running is a great way to engage your body is physical activity and reap several benefits. It can help you maintain the right weight, strengthen your muscles, improve heart health, and build strong bones. However, while running has lots of advantages, it can turn out to be a worse experience if you don’t do it right.

Before you run, there are several things you shouldn’t do. Let’s look at some of these things to help you understand better.

Eating Just Before You Run

The recommended time to eat before you go for a run is two hours. If you eat just before you go for a run, you may end up having nausea or cramp. If you run in the evenings, you may not have this problem because you’ve already eaten earlier in the day.


Problems come up if you love running the morning – this is where you’re supposed to postpone breakfast until after the run. And just because you need to eat two hours before the run doesn’t mean you should overeat. Take lighter meals to ensure they’re digested in time for the run. Please click here to Get More Info.

Warming Up Incorrectly

Professional runners recommend warm-ups to prepare your body for this activity. However, you need to know there is a difference between correct and incorrect warming up.

For instance, you should avoid static warm-ups like quads, adductor stretches, calf, and hamstring. Instead, go for dynamic warm-ups like leg swings, arm swings, gentle jogging, and ankle bounces. These will increase your heart rate and minimize muscle friction.

Forgetting to Go to the Toilet

One thing that can ruin a good a run is dashing into the woods to pee. It can distract your mind and regaining your rhythm may be a problem. To prevent that from happening, go to the loo before leaving home. And to prevent the constant need to pee, don’t drink too much water. And if you feel like pooping just before the run, don’t leave home before doing it.


These are some of the things you shouldn’t do before going out for a run. Other things you shouldn’t do are taking alcohol, wearing the wrong gear, and under-hydrating. If you avoid all these, you’ll have an excellent run that you will enjoy.