What Kind Of Ammo Does A 44 Magnum Use?


Jun 26

Owning ammo that has the capability to enable firing shots without necessarily reloading is one of the huge important factors to consider. Hunting nowadays has become more fun with the existence of aiding and highly effective tools.

Owning a rifle and practicing hunting is one important exercise that improves the success rate of getting game. You need to make sure that your rifle gives you an upper hand and advantage.

44 Magnum ammo is considered to be favorite ammunition to use during this exercise since it is a revolver and contains large automatic chambers as similarly seen in the semi-auto rifle by Ruger, Desert Eagle, Marlin, and Rossi. To obtain the design of the 44 Magnum cartridge, it takes a simple step of increasing the length of the 44 Special casing by a 1/8 of an inch. Actually, the 44 mag came into existence due to the handloaders activities of loading the ammo to its capacity.


For the people who are in need of bulk 44 magnum ammo for sale, it could be easy to obtain the orders from relevant websites. Due to its high performance, the 44 Magnum round was one of the most successful rifles with a powerful cartridge production.

Clint Eastwood’s the “Dirty Harry” had a huge part to play in coercing a lot of gun-admirers who viewed it to be powerful. To get the right rifle, check out all the available 44 ammo available in stores for sale.

The reason why it caught the attention of many is also due to its accuracy, penetrative ability, and incredible projectile. It is also suitable for short range shooting and it would be hard to miss a target once in close range. The 44 Mag is also characterized by stunning power which is suitable for large and medium game, taking down game like bear and elk.