How long does it take to learn tennis?


Feb 06

Tennis is one of the greatest sports that can be played by anyone regardless of their expertise, just slight training and guidance and you are set to go. It is an outdoors sport and how good you play exclusively depends on your dedication and how frequent you train. Tennis is beneficial to both the mind as it relaxes oneself and the body stays fit as well.

In most cases, maintaining an athletic body may be an added advantage while most players who are prominent in the tennis sector have ensured a healthy, physical body.

For beginners, it may be difficult to play for the first time since playing requires sporty capacity which may not be achieved by many. However, with the right training procedures on you, and consistency, you will gain the necessary skills. How fast you learn depends on several factors and in this article, we are going to elaborate some of these dynamics to understand how long it would take for you to acquire tennis playing skills.

Playing Tennis for Fun

As we mentioned earlier, the period it would take to learn depends entirely on you. So, are you planning to learn tennis to have fun with friends playing? Well, if you do not intend to participate in any tennis competition, you may not be thorough in your training then.



What you need to do is learn the basics, and as you play, it would not matter if you acquired the right skills or not. After all, no one is there to supervise your play, all you have to do is learn how to hit the tennis ball across the other side of the track. For such a scenario, learning the basics may only take a few hours up to a day, and from there you can enjoy your time with friends.

Participating in Regional Competitions

Acquiring skills that will allow you to take part in any contest requires a little more of your time for practice. To attain the competence and the professionalism needed to take part in such, it may take you up to five years. For this case, you will have to devote most of your time to practice and probably undertake some private lessons with the help of a trainer or tennis instructional videos.

In most cases, players who participate in such competitions most probably started taking tennis lessons since they were teenagers; as a teenager, you have plenty of time to practice.

Playing Tennis as A Professional

For you to become a tennis pro, you must have been in the sport for an extended period. It means that you probably must have started playing since you are a kid, probably 5 or 6 years old. This way, the game becomes part of your natural lifestyle as it gets instilled in your muscle memory.


In some cases, such a kid foregoes other activities such as schooling and sticks solely to playing tennis. Achieving this level may take close to 12 years of hard and consistent training, mostly done in a tennis academy.


What determines the rate of your acquiring the skills is the level of interest you have in the game. Sometimes, if you continuously watch various competitions perhaps on the television, may improve your understandability of specific rules and interest in the game too. Ensure that you consistently do practices, you will attain perfection.