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Study on the childcare key in daycare centers Better – but not good enough.

Status: 06/29/2016 07:47 a.m..

The larger the group, the lower the individual support: the childcare key in crèches or day-care centers is a decisive quality feature. According to a study, this has improved slightly. But the regional differences are still large.

The care key in German day-care centers and crèches has improved slightly since 2012, but according to a study, the staff is not yet sufficient. Currently, for every full-time daycare specialist, there are an average of 4.3 full-time daycare children or 9.3 kindergarten children, as stated in the current “Ländermonitor Frühkindliche Bildungsungssysteme” from the Bertelsmann Foundation.

Despite the positive trend, the study authors criticize the large regional differences. anews.website In Baden-Württemberg, one skilled worker looks after an average of 7.3 kindergarten children, in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania it is almost twice as many with 14.1. For child-friendly care, the foundation’s experts recommend a ratio of 1 to 3 for children under three and 1 to 7.5 for kindergarten children.

The authors of the study emphasize the positive trend, but criticize the fact that educational opportunities vary depending on where a child lives. “Going to daycare alone does not improve the children’s educational opportunities. It depends on the quality of the offers,” says Jörg Dräger, CEO of the Bertelsmann Foundation.

Federal Family Minister Manuela Schwesig is in favor of a so-called quality law, which is intended to set nationwide standards for childcare. But there is still no approval from the federal states, Schwesig said in the ARD morning magazine .

Billion claims.

The Bertelsmann Foundation is demanding an additional 107,000 full-time positions for educators in day nurseries and kindergartens. That would cost 4.8 billion euros. “The financing requires a tremendous effort, which the federal, state, local authorities, sponsors and parents can only do together,” says Dräger.

Figures from the Federal Statistical Office confirm the nationwide trend. The statisticians reported an increase in the number of employees in the public service in daycare centers of 5.2 percent compared to the previous year. Since 2008, the number of employees in this public sector has risen by 44 percent.

Fire areas in California Flash floods in Paradise.

Status: 11/30/2018 9:23 a.m..

After the fire, now the rain: three weeks after the devastating forest fires in Northern California, ap-news.space flash floods and floods threaten the area. Many people had to be rescued from their cars.

After the forest fires, the disaster area in northern California is now suffering from flash floods. Heavy rains flooded streets around the burned down town of Paradise. Butte County authorities have evacuated areas at risk.

Trees were uprooted and power poles were lifted from their anchors.

Several people were rescued from their vehicles on flooded streets, said agency spokesman Rick Carhart of the newspaper “San Francisco Chronicle”.

Motorists were stuck on flooded roads.

Flash floods have also been reported from areas that were not affected by the severe forest fire.

A spokesman for the forestry and fire protection authority said a number of residents in the city of Chico had freed a number of residents from three flooded houses by boat.

A warning of flash floods in Trabuco Canyon.

“Camp Fire” claimed almost 90 lives.

On November 8th, the region was struck by the so-called “Camp Fire”, which quickly ate its way through more than 600 square kilometers of dry shrubbery and woodland far north of San Francisco.

Almost 90 people died – there had not been that many fatalities in a forest fire in the USA in 100 years. Thousands of buildings went up in flames and the city of Paradise was completely destroyed. Most recently, the fire brigade brought the forest fire completely under control.