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Feb 06

How long does it take to learn tennis?


Tennis is one of the greatest sports that can be played by anyone regardless of their expertise, just slight training and guidance and you are set to go. It is an outdoors sport and how good you play exclusively depends on your dedication and how frequent you train. Tennis is beneficial to both the mind […]

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9 Lightroom Tricks
Dec 31

9 Lightroom Tricks You Need to Know


Every photographer who is conversant with adobe lightroom automatically love the program for the marvelous work that it does on their photograph. Having that they love the program does not mean they have to spend too much time using Lightroom and therefore, there is a need for Lightroom users to know the tricks to do […]

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Dec 26

Common Newbie Photography Mistakes to Avoid


When a person is beginning to take photos and has an idea that they want to work as a photographer they will have a few missteps along the way. Even the best photographers have made a mistake or two when they were first starting out. There are some common mistakes for beginner photographers to avoid. […]

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