Are Martial Arts A Good Way To Get Fit?


Apr 15

We are all looking to increase our fitness levels. This has led us to registering for gym memberships and training in our homes. However, going to the gym and training at home may not be appealing to some people. They may be looking for an alternative way to boost their fitness and their research may have led them to martial arts. Is martial arts a good way to get fit?

The short answer to this question is yes, martial arts is an excellent way to get fit. This activity has grown in popularity over the past few years and many people are adopting it. Read on to know the fitness benefits of martial arts.

Improved Mobility

If you’re having a hard time with your movement in general, then taking up martial arts is a wise choice. You find that even moving for a short distance wears you out and when it comes to responding to pressure, you’re not quick enough.


Martial arts is an activity that involves lots of movements and speed. This is a sure way to increase your mobility and agility. Increased mobility can be great especially for people who are getting older and finding it hard to move around.

Improved Strength

There are two main divisions when it comes to martial arts disciplines: hard and soft. Soft martial arts refers to activities that involve fluid movements and can be more suitable for people with physical limitations, like tai chi and kung fu. Hard martial arts are high-impact and feature more powerful leg and arm movements.

Examples of hard disciplines are muay thai, karate, and capoeira.

Regardless of whether you’re taking hard or soft disciplines, martial art training gives you the strength to execute moves and kicks. Therefore, if you’re looking for better strength to do your daily activities, add martial arts to your fitness routine. You can get more info here.

Better Flexibility and Stability

Does your body feel like it’s rigid? You can’t even stretch without feeling some form of pain in your body. Enroll in a martial arts training together. Acrobatics, aggressive throws, and high kicks are parts of some disciples and they make a person flexible to do some things.

Karate Kids

Other than making you flexible, this activity can work wonders to improve your stability. Do you fall even with the slightest trip? Martial arts focus on getting you a steady lower body so that you can become more stable.

Increased Muscle Mass

By taking up martial arts, you can improve the muscle mass in your body. And, we all know that having more muscle mass makes you look fit. If you have a high muscle mass, it translates to high metabolic demands. And with high metabolic demands, the more calories you’ll burn. This will help keep unnecessary weight gain at bay and prevent obesity. Increased muscle mass also leads to better agility, preventing you from falling as your age advances.

Most people view martial arts only as an activity meant to improve your self-defense skills. However, you can also incorporate it into your fitness routine and enjoy the above benefits.