9 Lightroom Tricks You Need to Know


Dec 31
9 Lightroom Tricks

Every photographer who is conversant with adobe lightroom automatically love the program for the marvelous work that it does on their photograph. Having that they love the program does not mean they have to spend too much time using Lightroom and therefore, there is a need for Lightroom users to know the tricks to do quick editing hence saving time.

When using adobe lightroom filters every user is supposed to know of several tricks that they can use to do wonderful work in a short while, below are the basic trick you should know.

1. Use caps lock for auto advance

When caps lock of your machine is on you got have a chance to add metadata to a photo and then move on to the next photo. When you press ‘P,’ you flag a photo as a pick and when you press ‘U’ you remove frag from an image.


2. Edit from a smart preview

Smart preview is a wonderful trick to know as you can edit a previewed photo without interfering with the original, previewed photo is also simple and quick to edit your photos.

3. Lights out mode focus on the image

When you want to focus and edit a single image you just press ‘L,’ and the interface of Lightroom program disappears and you are left with your image very clear hence easy to edit.

4. Put your logo to Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom has a wonderful feature that no other Photoshop program has, identity plate is a feature that is unique as it helps lightroom users to be able to place their logo on the picture hence making the edited work look very presentable to their clients.

5. Proper clipping

Clipping is crucial as it helps to do away with highlight details, clipping helps you to have a clear photo that has a clear subject that attracts your client with a single sight.


6. Tricks to improve the speed of your Lightroom

Many users have been complaining that Lightroom is slowing down, but there are tricks to increase the speed. Increase the camera RAW cache size, optimize your catalogue most often, and then turn off the use graphic process.

7. Avoid clipping

You may think I am contradicting myself or confusing you, but all I would like you to know is when you overwork on an image it loses its originality and looks more of Photoshop. That is why it is advisable to avoid clipping to have a natural looking photograph.

8. Arrange Lightroom presets

Presets are known to be very crucial features in adobe lightroom but the fact is that if you do not organize the presets as they are supposed to be then you may fail in some point of photo editing.

lightroom 2

9. Fade presets of your Lightroom

Lightroom presets can be used in full effect and also can be faded to suit your need. Majority of Lightroom users never knew that presets could be faded but now you are glad to see this shortcut that will satisfy the demands of the photo you are editing.

With the above nine tricks applicable in adobe lightroom you are assured of fast and effective editing that save you much time.