3 Best Independent Sports


Nov 04

Overview Ideally, there are a number of sports that do not necessarily require a team or teams fo;r them , to be played as opposed to other sports which require teams. For example, sports like football, netball, handball, rugby, among others, require teams for the games to be played.

Consequently, browse this site and see the best three sports that do not require teams and thus are independent sports. Golf Historically, golf was first played in Scotland in the 15th century.


Participants or rather the golfers played using a bent wooden stick to hit the ball, which was made up of stuffed leather. The game was later introduced in Europe in the middle age. This sport is believed to be a game played by wealthy people in society.

It is a type of sport where players use different clubs to strike the balls into small holes arranged systematically. Unlike other games, golf does not require a playing area; rather, it can be played in a course arranged of 18 holes.

The number of holes can be reduced if it is played in recreational courses of up to 9 holes. It is one most liked sport as it is easy to learn, and it is not that challenging hitting the ball.

It is also be played individually as no teams are required. Bowling Bowling first started in ancient Egypt around 5200BC. This type of sport can also be played individually without the need for a team or teams. It is majorly a recreational activity where the players throw or roll the bowling balls towards the arranged pins. The goal is usually to knock down the pins, and that is considered as a win in the game. Some countries have a different way of referring to bowling.


For example, in the Commonwealth countries and the United Kingdom, refer it to as lawn bowls and in the United States refer it as ten-pin bowling. Most people enjoy bowling as it is cost-friendly. It is also an enjoyable game because of the following reasons; There are amazing celebrations after one has knocked down all the pins. It does not require any training as anyone can be able to play it.

You can engage in drinking and eating while playing. Swimming Swimming is also a sport done in water, especially in pools, the sea as well lakes where one requires moving their whole body in water.

There are different styles of swimming that includes freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly, individual medley, and backstroke. Swimming is a fun activity mostly done during the summer seasons.

Swimming also has major health benefits to human beings like cardiovascular fitness and muscle strengthening. It is not that difficult to learn as long as one can be able to balance in a large pool of water and requires less effort compared to other forms of sports. Also, individuals can exercise way much longer in water compared to exercising on land. The following are the reasons why people love swimming;

It acts as a body-workout for the entire body It helps in keeping a healthy heart, lungs and healthy weight It is a way of relieving stress and staying relaxed